About Baronsgate – The Bed Manufacturer

Our beds whether you send pointless memes to your friends and family. Whats app your friends and send random videos or pictures. Whether you read books you rarely remember after reading. Watch TV shows your so invested in you hide behind your pillows or throw them at the TV in frustration, watch films, are our second homes. The place to be, when we used to jump on them as children and get told off by our parents, whether we hid from siblings or family under our beds or theirs.

To the moaning when you share a bed with a duvet hog, or you get so hot that you can’t have the duvet near you, to moaning about cold feet on you, those moments when you wake up with feet of small children in your face or cats and dogs snoring down your ear those moments we have in our beds all head towards that moment..

You know where after you have a long day of work, or of rearing children, grandchildren or just a hard day.. That moment when you lay on your bed and your whole body relaxes and you let out that sigh of relief the arghhhhhhhhhhhhh moment.

Those experiences and more are what Baronsgate Liverpool hope you and our staff and family feel nightly and more. Here at Baronsgate, we are based in an amazing community which is Liverpool, in Liverpool community and people are at the heart of our city and here at Baronsgate we are no different to the values our great city promotes, we treat everyone the same, as family as friends. We respect our Customers ideas and opinions on their palatial bedsteads which we manufacture and design with them and are all community produced.

We respect and value our suppliers and We value our team for supporting us in our business goals because without the close-knit team we have and our fabulous customers our business or making beds and mattresses wouldn’t be as successful and a huge part of the community.

Here at Baronsgate we also offer not only a wide range of hand manufactured beds and bedroom furniture we also offer an extensive supply of mattresses so that you will find the perfect ahhhh moment for you and your family.